Organizational Competence

Organizational competence is the convergence of all of the elements associated with organizational effectiveness, staff competence, staff performance, and the visionary leadership required to make it all function effectively.

Organizational Competence is that stage organizations need to achieve to be self-sustained, effective and successful. It will ultimately be accomplished by leaders who are committed to providing the strategy and resources to develop individuals within the organization. The ability to cultivate staff performance to achieve the goals of the organization is the foundation of an organization’s strategic methodology for workforce nationalization, succession planning, and capacity building.

To reach the level of performance required, management must invest time and resources in bringing individuals to a level of competence that allows them to carry out their respective roles within the organization. This is realized by having a comprehensive understanding of the organization wide training needs and strong succession, capacity building and development plans. At the same time, individuals must be inculcated to take ownership of their own learning and development.

Ocalm will advise the client on best practices available and provide a relevant strategy for personal development within the organization to meaningfully improve overall competence and performance of individuals, leaders, work teams and business units to achieve Organizational Competence.

We Offer Consulting Services

Many leaders have been tasked with two major challenges, the rapid development of a productive workforce and, achieving greater results with fewer resources. Ocalm offers a range of world class management consulting services designed to aid organizations in achieving the most effective level of competence for their staff, while maintaining organizational effectiveness. Our consulting services consist of strategic consulting that brings our global experience to bear in helping you understand business challenges from a fresh perspective.

We also offer organizational and staff development consulting to help provide the strategy and identify resources you need to achieve the goals of your organization. We reinforce our consulting service with a series of engagements and workshops aimed at:

Assessing your organization’s development systems, processes and practices

Designing a development solution that assesses, and addresses staff training needs

Measuring your staff’s competence, and monitoring their level of performance

We reinforce our staff development consulting by advising on, and performing job and occupational analysis for critical roles within your organization. This service is especially important to HR and Training professional who are challenged with developing concise descriptions of jobs for recruitment of talent, skill gap training, and for promotion considerations. The DACUM (Developing A CurriculUM) methodology that we use has been successful for more than 40 years in nearly every industry, and is recognized as a proven and effective approach to producing immediate results.